Max's music is split into three main parts: live-electronics, new classical, and production.

Over the past two years, he has released an EP and played gigs in London featuring his live-electronic set which combines influences ranging from Egyptian and Japanese music, to techno, breakbeat, glitchcore, and ambient.

He has previously composed for orchestras and chamber ensembles at the Royal Northern College of Music and the Royal Academy of Music. His concert music takes influences from late romantic composers such as Rachmaninoff and Ravel, data-based music, and he works with concepts ranging from environmentalism to neuroscience.

He has worked on scores for several short films, one of which was premiered at the opening of HOME in Manchester, and another which was premiered at the University of North Carolina's Film Festival.

In addition, he produces and DJ's a mix of drum and bass and psytrance under the pseudonym Fractal Frogs.