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Max Burstyn is a multi-disciplinary artist from London, and a Master's graduate with Distinction from the Royal Academy of Music.

​Over the past 3 years he has worked for MindLink AI - a neuroscience technology startup - as Head of Audiovisual Programming, for Charts of London as a Senior Music Copyist working on orchestral scores for Marvel, Universal, and BBC, and for Dominic Harris Studios as an Unreal Engine 5 Developer and Sound Designer.


With a background in music composition, classical piano training, electronic music production and performance, software development, and 3D environment design, he aims to bring these skills together to create new interactive and immersive artworks which expand the boundaries of creative expression.

His musical influences come from Middle-Eastern and Far-East Asian traditions, late Russian and French romantic piano music, and experimental electronica, and his conceptual influences come from scientific subjects such as astronomy, biochemistry, and physics. One of his primary goals is investigating the practical application of music in environmental data analysis, medicine, therapy, and neuroscience.


List of Works (New Classical and Production)

George Fu Solo Piano Project, Recored at the Royal Academy of Music

Action Potential - 5 mins

Solo Piano Work

FP: 12th February 2021

Surrealist Cabaret Project, Performed at the Royal Academy of Music

Kinaesthesia - 10 mins

Chamber Work - Two Dancers, Interactive Audiovisuals, Jazz Ensemble

FP: 14th February 2020, RAM, London

Symphony Orchestra Project, Performed at the Royal Academy of Music

Neurodynamics - 10 mins

Orchestral Work - Symphony Orchestra

FP: 29th October 2019, RAM, London

Multimedia Piano Festival [Installation], Curated at the Royal Academy of Music, Hackney WickED Festival, and Bloomsbury Festival

Planets Dancing on the Keys of a Piano - 10 mins

Audiovisual Work - MIDI Keyboard and Audio-reactive Projections

FP: 3rd July 2019, RAM, London

Multimedia Piano Festival [Performance], Performed at the Royal Academy of Music and Spoleto Festival in Italy

Planets Dancing on the Keys of a Piano - 10 mins

Audiovisual Work - Piano and Audio-reactive Projections

FP: 1st July 2019, RAM, London

Carte Blanche Composer's Project, Performed at the Royal Academy of Music

Androids Seeping Sonic Code - 10 mins

Chamber Work - Live Coding, Alto Saxophone, Percussion, Piano, and Electric Bass

FP: 2nd May 2019, RAM, London


HERMES Experiment Project, Performed at the Royal Academy of Music

Cuil Theory Dreamscape - 7 mins

Chamber Work - Soprano Voice, Clarinet in Bb, Harp, and Double Bass

FP: 29th April 2019, RAM, London


CHROMA Ensemble Project, Performed at the Royal Academy of Music

Goodbye Species - 8 mins

Chamber Work -Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Violin, and Violonello

FP: 14th February 2019, RAM, London


Interactive Audio-Visual Installation, Curated at the Royal Academy of Music

Not Man Apart - 10 mins

Touch Designer, DAWs, Projector, and Stereo Speakers

FP: 19-23rd Novemeber 2018 (Part of the SPACED Project)


Debut EP

Komorebi ​​- 15 mins

Saxophone, Clarinet, and DAWs

Released: August 2018 on Spotify, iTunes, and most other major online music services


Performing the Jewish Archive Project, Performed at the British Library

My Soviet Passport - Poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky 1929 - 4 mins

Chamber Work - Soprano Voice and Violoncello

FP: 27th June 2017


Film Score - Fair Charlotte - Premiered at the University of North Carolina's Film Festival

Fair Charlotte - 10 mins


FP: 1st May April 2017, NC, USA

Rosamund Prize, Performed at the RNCM 

Aplysia Californication - Poem by Ian Walker 2016 - 5 mins

Chamber Work - Soprano Voice, Flute, Percussion, and Piano

FP: 9th April 2017 Manchester

Recorded at the RNCM

Glass Temple - 5-15 mins

Chamber Work - Clarinet in Bb, Trumpet in Bb, Percussion, and Piano

FP: 27th February 2017, Manchester (Modular music, 3 versions of score, different methods of performance)


Everything Unknown ​​- 10 mins

Solo Work - Chinese Guqin

2016-2017 (Score written using traditional Chinese Guqin notation)


2 - 4 mins

Chamber Work - Harmonica in C and Acoustic Guitar

2016 - 2017


RNCM Brand New Orchestra

Chaos​​ - 8 mins

Symphony Orchestra

FP: 21st January 2017, Manchester (Score based on random numbers)


ECG Carving Heartbeats - 10 mins

Chamber Work - String Sextet 

2016 (Score translated from graphic data of my own electrocardiograph)


Rubik’s Music - 20 - ∞ mins

Chamber Work - Any combination of 6 instruments

2016 (Score written and read on 5x5x5 Rubik’s Cube)


Listen - Poem by E.E Cummings 1964 - 5 mins

Chamber Work - Soprano Voice, Flute, and Violoncello



In The Moment of Death - 5 mins

Electronics - DAW (Reason)



Experiment No. 3 - 5 mins

Chamber Work - Three Double Basses (MIDI, Synthetic, Live)



Recorded at Sydney Conservatorium, Australia

°  - 5-15 mins

Chamber Work - 1 to 4 Flutes (or any instruments which can be played standing up)

FP: 11th May 2016, Sydney


Small Voice Far Away - 5mins

Electronics - Vocal Recordings and DAW (Reason)



The Lifecycle of a Magicicada - 10 mins

Chamber Work



Recorded at the RNCM

Skylines I-V - 20 mins

Chamber Work - Wind Quintet

FP: 4th December 2015, Manchester (Score based on shapes of skylines from different cities around the world)


Molecular Music I-IV - 10 mins

Chamber Orchestra

2015 (Score based on chemical data such as pitch = proton number)


Film Score - Lonesome - Premiered at HOME in Manchester

Lonesome Movie (1928) - 10 mins

Film Score - Bass Clarinet in Bb, Vibraphone, Piano, and String Quartet

FP: 19th April 2015, Manchester


The Life of a Drop of Water - 5 mins

Electronics - Field Recordings and DAW (Reason)



Saxophone Sequenza - 3 mins 

Solo Work - Tenor Saxophone



Performed at the RNCM

In Search - 7 mins 

Chamber Work - Bass Clarinet in Bb, French Horn in F, Vibraphone, and Violoncello

FP: 22nd February 2015, Manchester


Modifier - 4 mins 

Chamber Work - Violin, Violoncello, and Piano



Recorded at the RNCM

3 Piece Suite - 6 mins

Chamber Work - Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxophone, Drum Kit, and Piano

FP: 19th November 2014, Manchester


RNCM Brand New Orchestra

- 10 mins

Symphony Orchestra

FP: 23rd January 2015, RNCM, Manchester


A Dream Within a Dream - Poem by Edgar Allan Poe 1849 - 3 mins

Chamber Work - Soprano Voice and Piano



Saevas- 5 mins

Chamber Work - Wind and Brass Sextet



Percussion Quartet No. 1 - 3 mins 

Chamber Work - Gong, Cow Bells, Marimba, and Drum Kit



Performed at the Royal Northern Ballet School

Strong String - 4 mins

Dance Piece - Violoncello and 2 Ballet Dancers

FP: 16th May 2014, Manchester


Four Huts in a Storm - 5 mins

Solo Work - Clarinet in Bb



One Cell Left - 50 mins

Electronics - DAW (Reason 8) - (Experimental liquid drum and bass album)



Six Converging Rivers - 3 mins

Chamber Work - Wind Sextet


Transist - 10 mins

Chamber Work - Two Pianos



Performed at the RNCM

Miniatures I-IV - 6 mins

Chamber Work - String Quartet

FP: 14th October 2013, Manchester


12 Nocturnes - 50 mins

Solo Work - Piano

2011 - 2012


12 Preludes - 40 mins

Solo Work - Piano

2010 - 2011


12 Etudes - 30 mins

Solo Work - Piano

2009 - 2010

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