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Max has been designing interactive audiovisual installations and collaborating with artists and programmers for over 5 years to bring cutting-edge installations to spaces in London.


Using a combination of body-tracking cameras, TouchDesigner, and Unreal Engine 5, his aim is to widen the forms of our interaction with technologies, and provide spaces in which music, visuals, and 3D environments can be created collaboratively


In 2022 he exhibited at the Royal Geographical Society and Imperial College London, and in 2019 he was featured at five festivals and events - the Royal Academy of Music Multimedia Summer Piano Festival, Spoleto Festival (Italy), Hackney Wicked Festival, Time Will Tell, and SSSHAKE London.

Innovate UK Application 


This video covers Max's application to the Innovate UK Immersive Tech Awards. He showcases one of his latest prototypes - CIAO (Communal Interactive Audiovisual Orchestra) - which allows participants to 'play' an orchestra while building procedural worlds in Unreal Engine 5.4 using only the movement of their body.


Presented at Royal Geographical Society, London


This installation was commissioned as part of the Great Exhibition Road Festival. Max designed 5 interactive environments taking participants through a 3D rendered spaceship, mars atmosphere, and the precipice of a black hole.


This installation was part of an ongoing collaboration with the Astronomy department at University College London.


The Space Between Us

Presented at Imperial College London


This collaborative installation with artists, dancers, and programmers from MindLink AI is a demonstration of a music production system using body-tracking technologies, and an exploration of how dance can be incorporated into this system.



Presented at SSSHAKE London


This installation explores dualities between nature and technology, with a third element - human interaction.

Robotic Rhapsody

Presented at BienAmier Music


This installation presents themes of AI, Bio-robotics, and cybernetics - a glimpse into the future of human biotechnological augmentation.

Not Man Apart V2

Presented at Time Will Tell


An expansion of Max's first installation - V2 is his first use of a Kinect camera to track body movement in order to provide a completely wireless interactive space.

Planets Dancing on the Keys of a Piano

Presented at the Royal Academy of Music Multimedia Summer Piano Festival, Spoleto Festival (Italy), Hackney WickED Festival, and the Bloomsbury Festival

03.07.2019, 16.10.19, & 01.11.19

This work takes two forms - a live performance with a pianist (originally with Seunghye Park of the Royal Academy of Music), and an interactive installation. The theme explores the relationship between music and art, space travel, and human consciousness.

Not Man Apart

Presented at the Royal Academy of Music SPACED Festival


This installation explores the relationship between humans and nature, asking us to question and hopefully change our impact on the natural world.

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